We all know that to accomplish goals or dreams in life, we must work hard; and nothing says working hard like teaching yourself to mix music. But I never saw mixing as work; just simply my passion. With musical influences from artists, such as Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, and many others in the "New Wave" genre, it was not until after my first introduction to electronic music, at a party in 2009, that I found my love and now addiction for trance music.

In my exploration of various genres of music such as, house, progressive and techno, nothing gave me more satisfaction and fulfilment than Electronic Dance and trance. And, even after immersing myself in the best trance music around, something always seemed to be missing. I knew that good music is the kind that makes you feel something inside, and that extra something meant vocals.

Despite my tireless searches for mixes, consisting solely of vocal trance, I was left with only one option: make my own. In 2009, I bought first pair of CDJ’s, which marked the beginning of a journey that I never looked back through since. Teaching myself to mix proved to be a difficult task, but after many countless hours of determination, I successfully accomplished it. My style and discover new techniques with mixing,      

Once people actually started to enjoy and appreciate the work that was put into these mixes, it made it even more worthwhile. It's good to see that there are others all over the world that seems to have the same tastes in music as I do.

Through all the frustration, aggravation, and countless hours of self-taught mixing, keeping the end result in mind was what pulled, and the reason you have my groundbreaking vocal mixes to grace out ears, and to please everyone.

In 2004, I remembered a well-known electronic track, which became a turning-point in my life where he realized I wanted to do more than just listen to music…I wanted to create them.

During my journey of mixing, the roads were not always smooth. Having the guidance of Top DJ’s was a major plus in my life, doing course and competitions, but through countless hours of frustration, I was alone, that had to push on to create mixes I could be satisfied with. However, I believe the old saying "practice makes perfect"

Striving to perfect my newfound goal, my addiction for mixing grew stronger. My days of no sleep and mixing the night away with friends, along with other unforgettable memories, are the most important practice I get.

"For me," Electronic Dance & Trance, "the addiction was to hear two perfect beats on top of each other. Then adding more elements of different tracks…it's just beautiful. In the beginning, it was pretty frustrating but I knew what the rewards were when I heard awesome sets."

My heart stays with trance, and taste has broadened in regards to my mixes. Experimenting with alternative progressive and progressive/house sounds, coupled with an open mind and willingness to try new things, is the reason why my mixes are always fresh, original, and something to look forward to.

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